What is it? Answers CXXII

Friday, June 23, 2006

696. Duz All Flight Wrench, in smaller print on the other side: "Glenn-Jones, Ontario Cal, Pat. #175721". The screwdriver part was used to open inspection doors and panels that were held closed by Dzus fasteners.

697. Ring mold, with Masonic symbols:

698. Vernier gauge where you read the milligrams on a chainamatic analytical balance. As you move the vernier indicator down the weight of a gold chain is transferred to the balance beam. The chain is pure gold so it does not corrode.

699. Leather marking tool for use on the soles of shoes or boots, patent number 509,576:

700. Croze plane, used to cut the groove in the inside lip of a barrel, which provides a seat for the barrel head.

701. Hay fork trolley, made by F.E. Myers & Bro., used in a barn for unloading hay from a wagon.

I've started selling a lot of the tools on this site, though some have already been sold, feel free to send me an email and ask about any of them.

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